Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Planet Nibiru and Earthquakes

Yesterday saw a 5.8 quake epicentered in Virginia, which shook much of the East Coast; it was a rare occurrence. I don't know what comet Elenin's position was then, but regardless of that this year has seen a great rise in earthquakes & their intensity. This is consistent with Jesus' warnings about the end times!

Seeing how this recent quake kind of shook us awake, I wish to write more about Nibiru and its relentless approach.

Earlier this year, I had purchased a used book on 2012 by a Christian author. He did a good job in presenting various theories about the "disasters" that possibly await us. The great majority of this is merely unsubstantiated hype, of course- I consider only the Bible to be complete truth, being God's preserved Word (KJV only is complete).

Among the theories was Planet Nibiru, or "Planet X"; sometimes referred to as the Planet of the Crossing. In this scenario, Nibiru is a giant planet that passes near to the Earth, causing great calamities due to the gravitational stresses. What caught my attention was world-wide quakes, for such would cause disastrous oil spills (and nuclear accidents). The oil spill mention drew my attention, for I have often thought that "the sea turning to blood" in Revelation chapter 8 could be alluding to an oil spill. Beyond this, however, the rogue planet theory seemed to be far-fetched. Wouldn't we easily see such a planet? It seems almost impossible that such an occurrence could "sneak-up" on us unknowingly...

Yet now, I am a believer! This planet is being kept very quiet for now, although eventually it will become visible to anyone that looks for it.

Scientists were first suspecting Nibiru's presence back in the mid 1800's. When observing the planets Uranus and Neptune, it seemed that they were being pulled downward from their expected trajectories. Then in 1983, months of study and observation during the year lead to officially announcing the presence of a tenth planet by that year's end. Scientists refer to this planet as Herculobus, or Tyche.

This planet is about 4X larger than Jupiter, and its orbit is well over 400 times further away than Pluto! It is estimated to complete one orbit of the Sun every 3,600 years (some estimate 3,700+). It orbits below the ecliptic plane of Earth (and most other planets), so it is mostly visible from the Southern Hemisphere, which is very light in population compared to the Northern. Most observatories are also based in the North; combine these facts with the state controlled media, and the gov't's wish to keep it quiet, and this tells us why it has been so unobvious. It's composition is also such that it does not reflect light well, and is best observed through infrared lenses. NASA shut down their telescope with these capabilities back in February.

Nibiru's closest pass to the Earth will come about a year after comet Elenin's in October 2012. This means, however, that we will be subject to Nibiru's effects all throughout 2012, and actually from late 2011 through the early part of 2013 (actual effects will be even longer, but these dates show the worst of it). As of 8/18/11, the Sun is now within Nibiru's magnetic field, which is vast; as the Earth will be come October 16th or so. Great solar flares could be erupting from this, and no doubt more quakes will follow.

At least Russia & the U.S. have been preparing for 2012 for the last 10 years; building vast, underground shelters throughout their countries. Beyond this, and God's direct sustaining hand, Nibiru's passing is set to be a near-extinction level event. Nibiru is already believed to have shifted Saturn's axis by 90 degrees as it passed by that huge planet! It is thought that the Earth will be shifted some 180 degrees. The Moon also will likely be stripped away from orbit. The solar flares brought about will be beyond our imagining for their severity. We will also likely be subjected to meteors which are being pulled along with Nibiru. Much of Biblical prophecy concerning Last Days' plagues, as well as the signs in the heavens, could be caused by such an occurrence. While I have questions about Elenin and it's being responsible for quakes, Nibiru is much more certain.

We aren't there, yet! This world is about to be turned completely around in numerous other ways, first! And our God is well able to handle the giant planets which He created. Overall, it is the right time to be sure of our relationship with Christ, and to contend for those that still need Him.

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